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About the Podcast

Deeply Shallow Podcast

What's Deeply Shallow podcast about, you ask? Here is what you can expect!

Unlicensed therapists, bringing out the fun in dysfunctional, now on duty! In a world where 90% of social media is only 10% of actual life, Matt and Tara are here to chat about the real, relatable, and completely “unpostworthy” parts of it. Deeply Shallow podcast gives you permission to feel what you feel and think what you think, all in a judgement free zone. We are going to talk about family, relationships, and mental health with an irreverent and often hilarious spin! Life is NOT just a highlight reel, it can come at you hard. We are here to share our stories, coping skills, and of course, some laughs, all in an effort to empower and encourage you to live your best life!

Deeply Shallow: Real & Unapologetic


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Your Hosts

Tara hails from El Paso, met Hubba during college in Sherman, TX and now resides in Dallas with Hubba and B and their pug Lola. Tara's career in broadcast entertainment started about 5 minutes ago.

Matt is originally from Longview, TX, attended the same college as Tara (a decade earlier) and now lives in Denison, TX with the Banana and the two boys, and a large number of pets. Matt has a long history in broadcast entertainment, that has also spun 5 minutes.

Together with their combined 10 minutes of experience, they form a witty, irreverent and hilarious duo. They love to make fun of themselves, others, life's situations and  entertain anyone in ear shot. So they started a podcast!


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